Veterinary Health Technician/Nurse

Lizelle grew up in a house in South Africa, with 3 brothers, 5 dogs and lots of love.

Caring for pets came naturally to Lizelle, and she was determined to have a life where she could be close to or work with animals.

In 2010 she started a diploma in Animal Health, and completed her nursing diploma in the fall of 2017.

Lizelle complimented her studies with farming goats, and was so dedicated to their care, that in the small town she calls home, she became known as the goat farmer or “bokboer”.

Having high energy and a lot of interests, Lizelle also went on to focus on another passion, as an apiarist, a person who keeps and cares for bees.

Lizelle, her husband and her two gorgeous dogs from South Africa, are now busy exploring Qatar and setting up their garden. When not caring for and spoiling the pets at CVH, she is home with her family, her pets and a good book.