Pet Grooming & Spa Services

Pet Grooming at Canadian Vet Hospital in Doha

Aubrey and Sasha. Sasha was rescued and boarded at CVH until finding her forever home.

Meet Aubrey – Doha’s most gentle, professionally trained and popular groomer. Aubrey has been grooming with the Canadian Veterinary Hospital for the last four years. The first year Aubrey had the privilege of working side by side, and one on one, at CVH with Joy, who is a top pet grooming instructor in London, England.  Joy has had her own specialty grooming salon in London for 38 years. Aubrey has learned to groom from the very best – London-Style. This was a chance in a lifetime, as would be the case for a young hair stylist working with the pros at Vidal Sasoon.

Aubrey has a very special way with cats and dogs, and takes the time to get to know each one individually. Her gentle voice and soft touch helps them to relax and creates a bond built on mutual trust. She believes that with patience, love and understanding pets will more easily co-operate and enjoy their pampering. Most pets are nervous to start, but Aubrey builds their confidence and trust with every visit.

Pet Grooming at Canadian Vet Hospital in DohaYou are encouraged to meet with Aubrey in person when you bring in your pet for grooming. Please let her know exactly how you would like things done, and feel free to bring a picture of your pet with the style you prefer. She will also ask you to fill out a short form describing exactly what you want for your pet.

Aubrey will be happy to help if you have questions about home grooming, brushing, types of combs, perfumes and shampoos. This will decrease the frequency for pets to come for grooming, and help you bond further with them at home.

Pet Grooming at Canadian Veterinary Hospital in DohaPlease note that on rare occasions some pets may need to be sedated. This is to ensure their safety, and sometimes that of our staff. We always talk to you first and obtain your consent before we sedate. We take this very seriously. We never want to overly stress any pet, and will always recommend what is best for them. Please let us know if you have any helpful information about their previous grooming experience, so that we can be sensitive to their needs, and make their time with Aubrey fun and enjoyable.

As we are a full service facility, we must ensure the safety of all pets. Therefore we require that all of your pet’s vaccinations be up to date prior to grooming.

Cats must be up to date with their Rabies vaccine, and combination vaccine for upper respiratory (Rhinotracheitis, Calici and Panleukopenia. We strongly recommend Feline Leukemia vaccines as well.

Pet Grooming at Canadian Vet Hospital in DohaDogs must be up to date with their Rabies Vaccine, combination vaccine for Distemper, Parvo, Parainfluenza, Leptospirosis, plus a Kennel Cough (Bordetella) vaccine.

Cats and dogs must always be up to date on internal parasite control, and topical parasite prevention.  This ensures that all pets be protected.

This is the same policy we have for any pet boarding at CVH. Our first priority is to ensure your pets health and safety.