Special Mention

Previous CVH Team Members:

A very special thanks to those who worked with our team at CVH and helped us to be where we are today.The CVH team and hospital owe you a debt of gratitude for your dedication and caring, and we will always hold a special place in our hearts for you!  To name just a few….

Dr. Tanja, Aletheia, Anthuan, Carmen, Sean, Nasha, Donovan, Cinzia, Rosaline, Rebecca, Amanda, Sheri, Dane, Janine, Davy, Dalia, Sophia, Rachel

Our Pet Family:

Arnold, Sly, Bob and Diva – our 24/7 welcoming committee who moved in, adopted us and became our new family.

To Our Extended CVH Family:

Frank, Sarah, Happy and Laila – who as fellow animal lovers and pet friends, always went above and beyond to help all of us at CVH

Joy – Aubrey and the entire CVH team thank you for helping teach and bring UK style pet grooming to QATAR.

Laila –  From the beach in Al Wakra, abandoned and hungry, she taught her parents the definition of patience, and how determined a dog could be to figure out how to love her new family!   The first surprise came in the middle of the night when she delivered two puppies (she had not told anyone how naughty she had been).   While adjusting to her new home, she performed as if she were auditioning for the dog version of “home alone”.  No, the furniture was not really massive chew toys for dogs.   The frantic escapes for fun around Doha, at Saluki speed with them in chase, was not as fun for them as it was for her.  However, her new life with them in the EU was worth every bit of patience it took finally let her know, she belonged.  She now commutes in style between the UK and France on a regular basis!

Happy Dog – The best dog ever will always have a very special place in our hearts. You know you made the world a better place for all of us!