Pet Adoption

Welcome to our little Kitty and Puppy Orphanage!


Every day we at CVH are more excited by the overall dedication and compassion shown by the people of Qatar. More and more cats and dogs are finding forever homes.

The population of Qatar as a whole adore their pets. We see overwhelming generosity, and caring for all of God’s creatures at CVH. It is our obligation to care and look out for them, provide them water, food and shelter.

What these special cats and dogs want most, is our love. They provide us with unconditional love, loyalty and dedication. There is no price for this. The education they can provide for our children, teaching empathy, compassion and caring for others, is priceless. We all become better people when we share our lives and our kindness with pets.

Adoption3Whoever said you can not chose your relatives has never had a pet.
Our pets are forever a part of our families. They should never be cast out, or abandoned because we move, get tired of them or get upset if they make a mistake. They depend on us to show them the understanding, respect and kindness they demonstrate to us each and every day.

Adoption2To the expats of Qatar who turn out pets, leaving them helpless on the street or abandoned in a veterinary hospital – you have no idea of the suffering you cause.   If our parents had discarded us without a word, how would we feel?  Pets do feel, they do mourn, and they do not begin to understand why they have been abandoned. They are not a car, or an item of convenience, to use and throw away once they get in the way of what is best for us.

puppy adoptionPlease work together with CVH and try and find forever homes for the beautiful and loving pets of Qatar. Inside and out, they are some of the most special pets, anywhere in the world. Our lives and those of our families will be far better by ensuring they have a special place in our heart.

We always have many kittens, cats and some dogs looking for homes. Please spread the word and come visit us soon. Even if just to give these pets in our front office some love and encouragement, we greatly appreciate your caring.