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Human-Animal Bond –  Wellness in Doha Qatar by Caring for a Pet!


At the Canadian Veterinary Hospital we believe that having a pet is one of the most rewarding experiences we can offer our families.  We can strive to take care of ourselves by exercising at the gym, having medical check ups,  and adhering to a healthy diet, but life balance is also about nurturing out inner self.  The amount of negative stress we subject ourselves to requires a positive balance, and pets are there to provide a large part of this to our daily lives.

shutterstock_934140 resizedWe provide pets with a home, shelter, food and water, yet what they want most is our love and companionship for life.  It is often a surprise when we quietly assess our relationships with out pets.  In spite of all the structure and nourishment we provide for them, in the end it is really us who benefit thshutterstock_157988285 resizede most.

Pets make us laugh, give us affection, and provide unconditional love.  They are loyal and thankfully unlike our families, never talk back!  We can tell them all of our problems, and they faithfully keep our confidence.  When we have had a bad day they reduce our stress and anxiety, and never judge us (unless of course we forget to feed them, take them for a walk or clean their litter box!).  However even then we are very quickly forgiven.  Pets who act out usually do so because they are looking for our attention.  They simply miss us and the routine that we have somehow changed.

In short, pets add countless benefits and unconditional joy to our lives.   In return, it is our duty to show them unconditional compassion, caring and loyalty in a forever home.

Children who grow upshutterstock_128255501 resized with pets often have less risk of asthma and allergies. Kids with pets also benefit by learning how to show compassion, take responsibility for another living creature, and understand empathy.  Pets never criticize or give orders to children, rather they provide unconditional acceptance.   Children who develop strong relationships with pets are better able to develop meaningful relationships with other people.   A loyal pet does not judge, instead they make a child feel special and help them to develop a strong positive self image.  A pet who is always there to come home to, and loves a child , provides a deep sense of security and belonging.  In times of stress or family sadness, a pet is always there to reassure a child, even when the rest of the family is preoccupied.shutterstock_64567783 resized






For our senior family members, pets can encourage outings to meet new friends maintain connections, increase exercise or activity level, provide companionship, reduce anxiety and provide a purpose and structure to the day.

Health benefits  for those having pets are many.  Increased exercise as a result of playing with our pets, help us loose weight and keep us fit and healthy.    When we touch and pet cats and dogs we very quickly decrease our stress and anxiety, thershutterstock_73696726 resizedeby lowering our blood pressure and making us feel more calm.    It has been noted that increased serotonin and dopamine levels are present in those after they play with cats and dogs. Lower cholesterol and triglycerides, are also noted in patients with pets compared to those without pets.

Finally, we all know what it is to be sick and feel sorry for ourselves.  We may or may not want someone fussing over us, but a pet cuddled up beside us always makes us feel better.

How do they always seem to know when we need a little extra TLC, or when something is making us sad.

The human-animal bond is a very important part of our lives.  To even consider living without it, would be a life with far less meaning!

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The Animal-Animal Bond is also very strong. They too form strong emotional attachments to one another.

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