AVI and QAS Cargo

Qatar has created one of the most up to date, state of the art, animal care lounges in the world.  At HIA, the brand new modern and pet friendly area provides a quiet, safe relaxed atmosphere for pets to unwind.  All pets traveling into, out of and transiting Qatar as manifested cargo, are able to use this beautiful rest stop, that is completely separate from the hustle, noise, smells and stress for the cargo and passenger terminals. The friendly staff who are fully trained to assist traveling pets, are there to provide your pet with all the love and care, he or she needs to feel safe during travel.  Please ask us should you have any questions about the AVI (live animal) area, or pet import, export or transit through Doha, Qatar.  QAS Cargo Doha makes pets their priority!

Please read our section on types of pet travel to find out whether your pet will be able to take advantage of this gorgeous stress-free lounge!