Veterinary Health Technician/Nurse

Nawal joined us from Tunisia in May 2015, where she previously worked as a veterinary technician in a mixed animal hospital for six years. Fluent in four languages (French, Turkish, Arabic and now English), Nawal is a tremendous help to our clients. She is passionate about all animals and the varied specialties in small animal medicine. She has 2 cats of her own, Wendy and Mnawar, a dog named Evan, and a beautiful horse named Rudy. Nawal is continuing her studies in Equine Medicine while in Doha.  Her greatest love and passion is for the beautiful Arabian Horses of Doha.   In her spare time Nawal enjoys cooking and drawing. During her time here at the Canadian Veterinary Hospital she is learning new types of procedures and practice, and is passionate about finding loving homes for as many stray pets as possible. The pets here are drawn to Nawal, and feel safe and comfortable when she assists the veterinarians in the front office and exam room. We are so very lucky to have Nawal as part of our team.