Infectious Disease Wards

puppykittenSLide1All of us have great concerns about infectious disease and how to keep our pets safe.  Due to the high influx of pets into the country from around the world, and the large stray populations already in Doha, infectious disease is a serious and common problem for cats and dogs in Qatar.

Many of these diseases used to be very common in other parts of the world, and do still exist. Due to vaccination programs over the last decades, some parts of the world see far less of these diseases.  In other countries they are still more common than in Qatar.

We can help you and your pet by working together to ensure they are fully vaccinated and

If you adopt a new pet and they do get sick, we have special areas in the hospital, in completely separate buildings to ensure they are not exposed to other diseases while they are trying to get well.

The completely separate building also ensures that pets that do not have infectious disease, never come in contact with sick pets.  This is similar to pets in quarantine, or a hospital with a separate floor or ward for infectious patients, to ensure they are never side by side with non-infectious patients.

We have staff who are dedicated solely to infectious disease wards, and never come in contact with the pets that are healthy.  This is one difference between clinics and hospitals – and we take this very seriously.  We are doing everything possible to ensure that pets with infectious disease get well.  Our statistics are getting better every month, and although these viruses are deadly, we are seeing more and more kittens and puppies pull through and survive to live long and health lives.