At the Canadian Veterinary Hospital in Doha, we are here to provide the care your pet requires.  Many times pets are so seriously ill that they need to be in the hospital and receive continual care and monitoring.

Here is a list of common procedures for which your pet may require hospital care:

Infectious diseases such as parvo virus, canine distemper, feline panleukopenia or cat flu.

Surgical procedures – just like us they need to be in the hospital just before, during the procedure and throughout the recovery period.

Internal medicine – kidney, liver, pancreatic, cardiac, respiratory, immune mediated or moderate to severe gastrointestinal disesases

Trauma or accidents – pets require hospitalization, sometimes treatment for shock, or severely painful conditions.

In order to treat many of these diseases or provide diagnostic and therapeutic care, your pet may need to be in the hospital, often on intravenous (IV) fluids, and IV medications to help them recover.  We have all the modern equipment required to offer them the care and comfort needed to put them on the road to recovery.  We use IV fluid pumps, IV fluid warmers, blood pressure monitors and pulse oximetry to help them through their critical care.  We have ICU nurses tending to their every need –  to administer medication, fluids, provide help to keep them clean, help them to eat, drink and stay comfortable.  One of the most important aspects of recovery is the nursing care.  Machines and medication alone will not get us better – we need caring friends who make us feel safe, comfortable, and are there to monitor any changes in our condition, and adjust our treatment based on our progress.   This is why talented caring veterinarians and nurses make such a difference, and lead to more patients making a full and speedy recovery.

Please give our veterinarians a call, and ask us about our hospital care if you have any questions.