Wimbi was born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe. He attended the University of Zimbabwe for a Diploma in Veterinary Nursing, completed in 2006. He is currently studying for a Diploma in feline nursing with the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM). Wimbi is passionate about all pets but has a special love for cats. He likes to keep up to date with new medical trends by attending seminars and partaking in online courses on dentistry, laboratory techniques and anesthesia. Wimbi moved to Qatar in September 2018 when he joined CVH, but he has been in the Middle East for 8 years. Before joining CVH, he was working at a cat friendly practice in Abu Dhabi as a senior vet nurse. Wimbi’s hobbies include playing and watching football, listening to music and watching movies. He is passionate about making animals better from disease as well as helping the community look after their pets in a good way (properly). In his opinion, he can’t choose to have done anything else. Wimbi has a beautiful daughter called Ashley, and he takes pride in being a passionate Chelsea FC supporter.