Driver and Inventory Specialist

Wilfredo aka Willie, is from the regional province of Bulacan, Philippines. He joined the CVH team in mid 2017. Willy loves all pets but has a great attachment to dogs. His Dog named Mawi, passed away 2 years ago, is dearly missed.

Willy came to CVH as a driver, but he showed a great interest in the pet foods, and is fascinated with learning about the great variety of foods available for pets, and how the vets chose specific foods based on the condition of the pets they see.

He has taken on stocking the pet food and retail for the customers and pets, and is keen on learning as much as he can about the animal care industry. He has been an immense help to Susan who is making the orders, and is sure to advance in this interesting aspect of the industry. Willy has so much initiative, and his positive caring character and big smile is always appreciated by staff, customers and the pets at CVH.

In his leisure time he loves reading, listening to music and chatting with his family.