Nasha grew up in Doha and considers it her home. After high school here, she went on to college in Milan Italy. Upon returning to Doha, she joined the Canadian Veterinary Hospital, providing outstanding customer service and care to the customers and pets. An absolute animal lover, she understands how clients feel about their pets, and treats her own pets like children. In 2015 she moved to South Africa, where she worked in the animal care industry, and then dinner theatre promotion and administration. Now married, she has returned to Doha with her husband Donovan and her always smiling son Styx. Her two kitties Ivy-Lilly and King Rupert, traveled with her to South Africa and back, and are very proud to now be official Jet Setters. Nasha is passionate about teaching adults and children the importance of proper care and empathy for pets, and is reaching out to the Doha community to pass on this important message.