Veterinary Health Technician/Nurse

Julia is our most recent addition to the CVH team, arriving in April of 2018. Julia joins us from the sunny coast of Cape Town, South Africa.
Previously a Grade 4 teacher, Julia was also passionate about taking care of sick animals and believed in educating children about empathy towards animals. Her animal passion and dedication led her to a second career, and she graduated as a Veterinary Nurse from the University of Pretoria at the Onderstepoort Academic Hospital in 2018. 

Julia loves working hands on with the animals and enjoys learning about the physiology, anatomy and treatment of all pets. She is passionate about the human-animal bond and believes in educating owners and children at an early age, about the joy and benefits to people of having pets, and empathy and caring we must always show towards them.

During her free time she enjoys surfing, hiking, working out and dancing.
As she has recently arrived in Qatar, she looks forward to learning more about the people, country and culture. She also has an interest in history and hopes to visit the beautiful museums in Qatar.