Dr. Nancy Cooper

Dr. Nancy Cooper - Canadian Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Nancy joined the Canadian Veterinary Hospital when it opened in 2011. Originally from Toronto, Canada, she grew up with a love for all animals and a keen interest in internal medicine. After completing her HBSc at the University of Guelph in Canada, she pursued an international veterinary program taking her from St. Kitts to Oklahoma State University, and finally the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. After graduating from Ross University in 1993, she furthered her training working in practices on several continents. Returning to Canada she spent the next 10 years working full time at the Veterinary Emergency Centre, pursuing further specialisation in Emergency, Critical Care and Internal Medicine. In Doha Dr. Nancy saw a need for compassionate, progressive and honest pet care, and understood that pet owners were looking to go further to help both their own pets and the strays of Doha. Taking time to get to know pet owners, and listening to their concerns, she and the CVH team work together with owners to help and advocate for all the pets they see in Doha. Dr. Nancy enjoys travel and photography. After years of hard work, her socially challenged street cat from Toronto has finally managed to train her human mum!