Dr. Aubrey Morapedi

Dr Aubrey graduated from Murdoch University, Western Australia in December 1996 with a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery degree. His love for animals started whilst growing up as a young lad in Botswana, where his parents had kept a small number of cattle, sheep and goats. He grew up having dogs and can vividly remember his first pet dog, Scooby succumbing to Parvovirus, which he didn’t know about at the time. Dr Aubrey remembers trying his hardest to nurse Scooby through it, but he became too weak to eat or drink. This was the point that Dr Aubrey decided that working to help sick animals was his destiny. Dr Aubrey’s first job after graduation was at Port Kennedy Veterinary Centre in Port Kennedy in Western Australia. It was at this small but busy animal practice that he started refining the love for veterinary science. For the last 20 years, he worked in the United Kingdom, predominantly in the West Midlands, as a small animal practitioner. He has an interest in soft tissue surgery and have undertaken postgraduate courses in this field. He hopes to complete his post graduate certificate in small animal surgery in the next couple of years. He also enjoys dentistry. Dr Aubrey feels that there is nothing more satisfying than almost instantly relieving the symptoms of severe gum disease with a dental procedure. Dr Aubrey’s hobbies include playing tennis, travelling, reading, meeting new people and building lasting friendships.