Armie is from the Philippines but she was born and raised in Tripoli, Libya. She graduated with a degree in Mass Communication, major in Media Production. Ever since she was a child, she has had an affinity for cats and dogs. During her childhood, she had a white cat, named Skye and a little chihuahua-poodle mix dog, named Haycee. It was her childhood dream to become a veterinarian and she was inspired by stories of James Herriot, the famous British veterinarian. Though she did not pursue any medical related course, her dream of working with animals continued and finally, she joined CVH in October 2018. Working at CVH is a fulfillment of one of her dreams to be able to work and interact with animals every day. She enjoys learning about things that can help benefit the health of animals and she likes being able to stay creative while doing it for the benefit of animals. She dreams of having a sanctuary someday that can help less fortunate fur babies