Pet Food at CVH



Diva and RC picsAt CVH, we insist upon integrity when we chose a pet food company. We research that company, and ensure that proper scientific studies are conducted, by veterinary specialists, using long term feeding trials. These specialists actually publish their findings in recognized medical journals. A balanced diet that is tasty and contains everything our pets need, but nothing they do not require, means healthier and longer lives for our pets. Quality ingredients, safe suppliers, and no misleading advertising means our pet’s best interests come first.

We are committed to helping pet parents make informed choices when comparing dog, cat and bird foods. The Canadian Veterinary Hospital team would gladly support pet food companies using words like organic, holistic and natural, if they would provide for us with sound research by their own company, conducted by veterinary nutritionists, or someone with a pHD in animal nutrition.

Our veterinarians are most concerned with companies who spend a fortune on advertising and marketing, without any investment in research which includes long term scientific feeding trials and scientific data.   It is hard to believe these companies care about our pets, when they do not make the time or put in the effort and investment, to ensure these diets are the best possible for our patients and family members.  When asked for research, several have referred us to other companies, stating the other company did the research, and therefore the diet they are now formulating on paper is adequate.  Pet owners are paying high prices for diets they are told and assured are healthy, and pets have no choice but to eat these foods.

Diva Shopping for Cat Food

We encourage all pet owners in Qatar to please be very careful with what you read on the internet, are told by people with no degree in animal nutrition, or those who only care about their business. The pet food industry is a big business, but our pets are members of our family, and depend on us to make the best informed choices on their behalf.