Non-Human Primates

Non-human primates have a lot of similarities to humans.  Among these are some infectious and zoonotic diseases.  For this reason and the safety of our team, we do not encourage pets coming for treatment to CVH.  In these situations it is far better for the zoological or wildlife veterinarians in Qatar to treat these pets.  These veterinarians have expertise in both handling and medical care for non-human primates.

On occasion we have tried to help owners with these pets, but currently do not have a veterinarian who is experienced with non-human primates.

We would encourage all owners who have non-human primates as pets, to do a lot of reading about infectious and zoonotic diseases and how best to protect their families.  Often these pets are given as gifts, and the new owner is not aware of the pets background, or if though testing has been done to rule out zoonotic diseases.

We love pets, but our first priority must be our children.  Please ask if you have questions or concerns, and we can provide some reference articles to help you and your family.