• Behaviour

    Apr 15 2016

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    Everybody loves a well-behaved dog, so understanding why our dogs do the things we consider as bad and finding a way to steer them away from this behaviour can not…

  • Regular Pet Check-Up in Doha

    Regular Pet Check-Ups

    Mar 28 2016

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    Here at Canadian Veterinary Hospital, our aim is to ensure that your animal companion is healthy and happy in order that your pet may live a long, rewarding life. The best…

  • Pet Adoption at Canadian Vet Clinic in Doha

    Pet Adoption in Qatar

    Mar 14 2016

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    The New Year brings with it new challenges and one of our aims here at Canadian Vet Clinic is to find forever homes for all of the pets in our…

  • Welcome Back to our Blog!

    Feb 08 2016

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    Welcome back to our Blog! February 8th, 2016 –  Vaccinations In this week’s issue we will start by focusing on a topic that is crucial to the well-being of our…

  • Welcome to our CVH Blog

    Feb 05 2016

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    Welcome to our Blog! Here at the Canadian Veterinary Hospital, Doha, we care about the welfare of your pets. Whether they be small or large, black or white, feathered or…