Reproductive Services

Our veterinarians are here to help with questions regarding breeding, maternal, and paediatric care for your pets. Ensuring your pets are healthy before breeding will result in healthier puppies and kittens. Better care for the mothers before becoming pregnant, during the pregnancy, and after birth will make sure they stay safe. If your pet is not getting pregnant, please consult with our veterinarians about medical causes and timing. If your pet needs a Caesarian Section (C-Section) or has complications, please call and discuss this with our talented veterinary doctors as soon as possible. We ideally like all pet owners to discuss with us in advance, what to expect around the time of birth, so that they can be the best midwives to their pets.

  • Sweetie and her 10 puppies. She and her husband Miskart were two of the most beautiful Saluki's in Qatar

    Reproduction Planning

    Reproductive planning in cats and dogs can take on many forms. It is important if you are planning to find the appropriate husband or wife for your pet, or start…

  • VaginalCytology

    Vaginal Cytology

    We can perform vaginal cytology on female dogs to help determine the optimum time to breed and enhance the success of pregnancy. To do so, we take a swab of…

  • CaesarianSection

    Caesarean Section

    Most animals give birth without any complications. However, mothers occasionally need help with delivery. We usually attempt to resolve the problem using medical therapy first, but when that doesn’t solve…